falsehoods: (My voice lifted into song)

ςг๏๏кє๔ คร ค รภคкє'ร ђเรร

A comedy in thirty parts, or a tragedy in thirty-one

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Name:Loki Laufeyson
Location:Asgard, Oklahoma, United States of America

"I am Loki, whose whim brought Asgard crashing down. I am Loki, whose tongue was an anvil where the sharpest lies were forged. I am Loki, and I have things to say that you must know. I am Loki, who you must not trust."


Name: Psi Yamaneko
Journal: Psi Yamaneko
Disclaimer: This version of Loki and related characters © Marvel and Subs. All Rights Reserved.

Name: Loki Laufeyson
Series: Marvel (Comics Mythology: Earth 616)
Timeline: Siege
Gender: Male
Age: Ancient
Species: Jotun (in the form of an Aesir)
Alignment: Neutral Evil (with Chaotic Neutral tendencies)

There are the monstrous brood with all the raveners

Kringlaugd wierd. [profile code by [community profile] vigils]

"In shall I go | into Ægir's hall,
For the feast I fain would see;
Bale and hatred | I bring to the gods,
And their mead with venom I mix."

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